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There are few areas in life where you’ll find more devoted and rabid fans than NFL football and zombies. Both types of fans take their devotion to the next level. Now NFL football fans that love zombies can combine their two passions thanks to these awesome NFL football Zombie lawn and garden figurines. These zombie figurines are made from a quality resin material and they’re wearing NFL team jerseys! Each NFL Football zombie figurine stands about 8.5″ tall and is perfect for showing your team pride indoors or out!

The printer will, of course, just give you a bland zombie figurine, but you can make it look a lot like the zombies by doing some painting. To help you with that, Techland has released a new video which showcases different ways to make your figurine look like an actual zombie.

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    If you want to add a zombie to your collection, then you will not get a better chance than this one. You can download the zombie figurine , and see how the painting can be done in the attached video above.

    These zombie figurines are a great way to add some zombie style to your garden, landscaping, lawn or just the corner of your dorm room,home or office!