Xbox One Elite controller's mappable backside paddles.

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller


Xbox One Elite controller's mappable backside paddles.

Last year Microsoft released the expensive yet popular Xbox One Elite controller. Now it looks like the Sony PS4 is getting its own one. As you can see from a listing by Target, the retailer has revealed the look and features for this PS4 Elite…..

Verdict: The Xbox One Elite controller is an absolute joy to play with and there is a noticeable improvement when playing certain games. The Elite controller is something every wealthy Xbox One owner should own.

Introducing the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller coming this Fall

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller | Xbox One

Even with all of its amazing features and beautiful design, the Xbox One Elite controller is not a cheap piece of kit. In South Africa, it usually ranges between R3000 to R3500, which is several times more than a standard controller. You’re either going to have a lot of cash lying around or seriously need those paddles in order to pick up one for yourself.

– Bluetooth control
– Rubberized housing for firm grip
– Compatible with Xbox Elite Controller accessories
– Charges with included 9’ braided cable
– Fully customizable buttons and triggers
– Interchangeable Back Paddles with 2 preset configurations
– Preset 1: paddles emulate the front buttons
– Preset 2: paddles emulate RB, LB, RT, and LT.
– Keep your fingers on the thumb stick while executing intricate moves
– Magnetic! Easily attach and remove paddles without any tools
– Compatible with Xbox One paddles for added flexibility