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Lenovo Ideapad 100S 80R200BWUS - 11.6" HD - Intel Atom - 2GB Ram - 32GB SSD - White


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Apple has the most loyal customer base in the world especially in USA. Apple MacBook laptop is product of excellence and innovation. This next generation laptop is light weight (4.7 pounds) and very thin (1.08 inches). Apple Macbook white laptop is made up of Rugged Polycarbonate which makes it very durable for daily use.
Apple MacBook white is available in Pakistan and price of Apple Macbook white in Pakistan is Rs. 97,500. With its Intel Core 2 Duo processor and Mac OS X 10 this laptop is fast and reliable. Screen size is 13.3 inches and there is also Backlit LED on it. Fully equipped with all modern features Apple Macbook white is blend of style and performance. One more distinguished features of this elegant machine is its 256 MB dedicated Nvidia Graphic card which makes it more powerful than its other competitors. So, if you are in Pakistan and looking for amazing Apple machine then Apple Macbook white is in the town but with big price tag.

The snow white laptop sleeve reminds you of the harsh winters in the Netherlands! NOT! What it does remind you of are the white poles with the ever winter conditions. This sleeve has relative to the other laptop covers an incredibly cuddly exterior with long imitation hair. It looks like a polar bear fur. This is the perfect teddy bear to protect your laptop and although polar bears are very large and powerful this laptop sleeve is small and cute. The sleeve has quilted gold satin on the inside which gives the laptop sleeve a chic look. Many children think of the electronic plush toy product, the Furby. Unfortunately, the Snow White doesn’t talk to you, but it does provide security to your laptop. We check every cover by hand to extract any production errors.

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    Laptops now come in all sizes and designs and there will always be the model that will suit your needs down to the grounds. White laptops are a great way to take your work with you whilst you’re on the train to work or school, especially if you need to add some finishing touches to a piece of work! White laptops are also very useful to have around the home as an extra to your home PC. You can take your white laptop into any room you wish so you don’t have to be confined to one room, instead the laptop allows you freedom to relax in your favourite chair or even lie on your bed whilst you work or play.