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Webkiz Large Black and White Cat Plush Animal

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First time Rare Neo Gothic Dining Chair on EURO #Webkinz

One Adoption Code only gets you one Webkinz WorldTM account, which can only be played on by one person at a time. Additionally, Webkinz does not condone the sharing of passwords between players as it can result in the breaching of accounts and loss of KinzCash and items.

They do not have to be on the same account, but it might be easier for you to take care of them if they are. To make sure your new Webkinz Pet gets on the same account, log in first and then visit the Adoption Center to adopt your new Webkinz Pet. Please make sure that you adopt your additional Webkinz Pet on the correct account as they cannot be moved or removed later. Remember, with each additional adoption, you get some awesome presents!

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Steps to Register for the Website

Unfortunately, once a Webkinz Pet has been adopted onto a specific account, it cannot be removed from that account. Please make sure that you are using the correct account when adopting your Webkinz Pet. When you first sign up, you have the option to adopt additional Webkinz Pets onto the same account – be sure that this is what you want. If you want to adopt another Webkinz Pet on a separate account, please wait until you have finished registering the first Webkinz Pet, and then log out and start again for the second account.

Entering a MAZIN’ Hamster Feature Code at the Code Shop will add the hamster to your Webkinz World account. You can play with hamsters in your pet’s room just like any other Webkinz pet! You can also play with your hamster in Amazing World, a 3D game from the creators of Webkinz! Visit to sign up for a free account!