Clay Shelburn & Zac Stokes- Walmart Rockstars - Pride and Joy

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If you missed Walmart rocker Clay Shelburn’s viral video of him , this should do it! The Texas native is back and this time, playing a full sized acoustic guitar and singing ‘Pride And Joy’ at full voice.

Well Clay and Friend Zac Stokes have been officially proclaimed as the Walmart Rockstars and we highly suggest you take the time to watch this amusing video. Also please leave us your comments and thoughts on Clay and his Toy Guitar.

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Clay Shelburn would tell you that he never would have expected that one random stop at his local Walmart would change his life. But I guess it really proves the statement that a true musician can make music from anything. This incident at Walmart with a guitar made for kids, shows how talented this Walmart Rockstar really is as he takes things to another level!