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I haven't had a chance to convert a physical master server to virtual, but were i in your position, I would ask for a test env. that I can do some tests for the virtual master server. If necessary, having the virtual master server hosted on a less-loaded ESXi host.

Cons are more of a concern, such as the performance of a virtual master server is subject to how powerful the ESXi host is, and possible VMware or NBU bugs can impact its performance - again this is the risk you gotta take when you're on virtual env.

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I guess our only value nowadays is to set up the program in the first place.  LOL

I cannot comment about the value of online domination...  the fact it exists for cyber Dom/mes and slaves as well as holding a monetary value with measurable market for financial domination speaks to fact it isn't going away.  I guess the software development was inevitable. 

I hadn't thought about that.  Maybe the idea can be tossed out when we get the 'why do so many want money' posts here.  I wonder if you can set up the program to work for yourself and you have an instant online Domme? 

LMAO - I can see it now:
Random Punishment Option A:   Sit on a box of tacks for 20 minutes, take a pic and mail it to me. 
Random Punishment Option B:   Send $20 to my Nigerian bank account.
Random Punishment Option C:   Buy me am Ass Master 9000.
Random Punishment Option D:   Start a dumb-ass thread on CollarMe asking people what punishment you deserve.
Random Punishment Option E:   Start a poll on CM asking how big of a tribute you you should pay this month.   


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I give good thread.

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Virtualmaster - virtuálních serverů kolik budete chtít

Also, there can be very valid recovery and DR reasons to have everything physical and separate from the in-house virtual environment. If you have a virtual Master and the environment collapses then you may have to rebuild that Master and recover the catalog before you can recover anything else...

I really dont know whether this decision to convert physical master server to virtual master server will do any good. I need ur views on physical master server vs virtual master server.