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We like to play a game called SPAZ with our uno cards. Each color represents a pose (like sticking out the tongue) you get to pick them as a group. Pass out all of the cards to each player. With out looking at your cards, place one card face up in the discard pile. When two cards of the same color are put into the discard pile each player must make the pose that goes along with the color. The last person to make the pose takes the deck. The winner of the game is the firsts person to go out of cards. Best played really late when everyone has the giggles. You’ll laugh your pants off! BTW with playing with wilds, the person laying them down picks the color. Skips and Reverse have no meaning other than their color. Happy playing!!!

My boys just discovered our old UNO cards and insisted on playing all weekend plus dividing up the cards between each other.
Great ideas thanks Kate.

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We had tons of fun playing UNO cards, but let’s kick it up a notch with this UNO Ghostbusters Edition Card Game they’re dropping down the price at Amazon today, so get your deck now!

Great ideas – i am starting to compile my packing list for our 6 week overseas adventure and you just bumped UNO cards onto the “pack” list – thanks – i always try to take versatile toys and games we won’t bore of easily.