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"Duel" was one of Steven Spielberg's first feature length directing gigs, and the beginnings can be felt throughout. Dennis Weaver plays a businessman traveling through the . When he blows past a slow-moving trucker (Carey Lofting), the trucker decides that it's an offense not to be taken lightly and tries to run him off the road. Not satisfied with simply wrecking the motorist, the truck driver then decides to murder him with his big rig. "Duel" is one of the few truck driver movies where the driver is the bad guy.

Hands down the greatest truck driver movie ever, " and the Bandit" is a classic of American cinema. The film follows a truck driver (Jerry Reed) and his partner (Burt Reynolds) as they try and deliver a trailer of Coors beer from Texarkana to Georgia. Jackie Gleason plays the bumbling sheriff, or "," that tries to catch them along the way. comes along for the ride in Reynolds' iconic black Trans Am as a runaway bride and the reason the sheriff catches on to the vigilante pair in the first place. A must-see for any fan of chase scenes or comedy.

Trucker movies may be "cheesy" but we love them anyway!

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Trucking is the backbone of the shipping industry, so it's little surprise that truck driver movies have been a staple for years, peaking in the and , but remaining popular to this day. Many of the movies are forgettable, but some are so popular they remain favorites even if they are a bit dated.

Ever wonder what the top truck movies of all time are? On the surface it can be hard to think of five, much less ten. But following are the ten top truck movies to ever hit the open road: