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When people talk about travel potties, they usually are referring to portable devices that help toddlers make the transition to using a regular-sized toilet. Travel potties are a great way to continue aiding in the transition, even when kids are away from home. Their features can range from handled grips to the ability to be folded. "Travel potties" is a term that also can be used to refer to other items that are designed to help a child use the restroom, including toilet seat padding, disposable liners and even plastic urinals. Some people also might use "travel potty" to refer to a portable toilet that can be used by any person in certain situations, such as on camping trips.

Practical and portable, the Graco Traveling Potty Seat can be used anywhere, anytime. Featuring large rubber pads overhang the front and sides, this potty seat provides security and stability. It folds up easily for conveniently storing in a diaper bag, purse, or even the glove compartment. This beige plastic seat wipes up with a sponge. The hinged seat unfolds to fit most toilets.

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    A travel potty is different from a standard potty in that it is designed to be moved between locations. For this reason, it's likely to have a design that will make it easy to transport. For example, handles might be built onto the potty to facilitate grasping. These handles can be used by a child to help anchor himself or herself on the potty or by an adult who wants to transport the travel potty.

    Travel potties can usually be folded over themselves. This is so that the potty can be made compact for transport and carrying. A travel potty that has been folded might be the size and shape of something manageable and commonly used for traveling, like a briefcase. The potty also can have compartments built into them for the storage of specific items, such as excrement bags. Disposable excrement bags might have to be purchased separately and regularly when using a portable potty.