TOY CATTAIL DUCKS; Also See how Toy Cattail Dolls are Made

Fun Express Assorted Rubber Ducks - 50 Pieces


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Every two or three days, staff replace half of the toy ducks. The toys are cleaned with brushes, particularly around their necks and wings where grime tends to stick.

Victoria is obsessed with ducks. It all started when her older brothers would win that at swim meets. They were tiny little toy ducks, but her brothers would ALWAYS give them to her. They became her little special thing with them. Every time a brother wins a duck, they gift it to Victoria.

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Rubber Duck | National Toy Hall of Fame

Adopt a rubber duck or a whole flock to support medically fragile and special needs children in southern Nevada. All toy ducks come with a chance to win $250,000 and other prizes. Events throughout the day include family activities, a dance-a-thon, children’s games, food stations and free entertainment. Presented by the Foundation for Positively Kids.

If you are looking for a more cuddly, soft and huggable stuffed toy duck or goose, we also have a large selection of these as well. In the plush toy version we have a plush mallard duck, a stuffed toy white duck, a stuffed toy Canadian goose, and several cute and cuddly plush toy baby ducklings and goslings. Our plush Canadien geese from Hansa are very high qualtity and very realistic looking. And, our plush toy baby ducks are simply adorable.