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Toy Cars’ latest EP, titled “Sleeping Patterns,” is available on vinyl via Counter Intuitive Records and Sniffling Indie Kids. The run is limited to 300 total copies, split evenly between orange and transparent purple 7″ wax. Vinyl will ship in mid-October past the release’s September 16th street date, and can be pre-ordered .

Belmar, NJ four-piece Toy Cars crafts indie-minded pop songs that both hiss and howl. On their forthcoming EP “Sleeping Patterns,” heartland rock’s gritty boom is greeted with a goofy sensibility that churns out odes to Bjork at the same rate jaunty shout-alongs (such as that on “Stone,” streaming below) threaten to rattle the rafters of a DIY basement. Since this five-track effort is coming this fall on vinyl via Counter Intuitive Records and Sniffling Indie Kids, the boys in Toy Cars contributed tales stemming from their crate-digging nostalgia.

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Re: Vintage Toy Car - Blue

Phenomenal piece. I like that you've depicted what's clearly a stationary toy car but still managed to give the impression of speed.

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Several years ago my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting England. The beginning of the trip was terrifying – we had decided to rent a car. Our modest little Fiat fit well among the many toy cars that fill British highways. But there was a problem. Everything on English roads is backwards. You sit on the wrong side of the car; you drive on the wrong side of the road; you shift gears (yes, it was a manual) with the wrong hand. I felt that I had just gotten out of the dentist’ office and the entire left side of my car was “numb.” It was terribly awkward. I curbed the wheels on the left side three times before I got out of the parking lot. And then we burst immediately onto the highway, a monstrous multi-laned beast with high-speed toy cars and trucks flying along (on the wrong side).

But how did he go from wanting to design Ford’s next big hit to creating a Dodge Viper-inspired Darth Vader toy car as the senior staff designer on the Hot Wheels diecast design team at Mattel?