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Later in the year, Times Up! at the Brooklyn location created its own mechanical energy using energy bikes. Volunteers designed these bikes to produce energy through the power of pedaling alone.

In 2011, Times Up! stepped up their efforts on education and direct action towards renewable energy by pointing out the harmful effects of fossil fuels and nonrenewable energy sources. They began a partnership with Viridian Energy, a wind power company. Due to , people have the freedom to obtain renewable energy for their own homes.

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In 2011, the Occupy Wall Street Movement went global. This campaign was born in New York City with the help of Times Up! volunteers, who assisted in organizing this movement. Times Up! helped with the sustainability and environmental education portions of the movement.

In 2010, Times Up! opened its Brooklyn space on 99 South 6th Street. The has the highest number of new riders crossing it and new ridership continues to flourish in Williamsburg. By opening this location right under the bridge, along with the Manhattan location, Time's Up! is able to support riders on both sides of the bridge. The Brooklyn location offers bike classes and workshops, thousands of low-cost recycled parts, a recycle-a-bike program, and many other campaigns to help non-polluting transportation flourish.