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The next generation of home improvement starts at The Home Depot.

There were reports that the Home Depot was interested in acquiring , the largest retailer in the United Kingdom, Ireland and China. Speculation of a takeover began in 1999 when the retailer was purchased by . The Home Depot would have to acquire , B&Q's parent company, to acquire B&Q. Kingfisher consists of several European DIY chains, however the Home Depot was only interested in B&Q operations and says that it would dispose of the chain which operates in France, Italy, Poland and Russia. Talks ending in 2005 did not result in any takeover deal.

The Home Depot's lack of success in China has been attributed to the disconnect between The Home Depot's do-it-yourself ethos and Chinese culture. In 2012, the Home Depot conceded that it misread the country's appetite for do-it-yourself products. As a spokeswoman for the company said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, "The market trend says this is more of a do-it-for-me culture". Culturally, manual labor is seen as an activity for lower-class citizens, and some have speculated that The Home Depot could have capitalized on this by offering a do-it-for-me model to Chinese consumers. Chinese consumers prefer to see a finished product, such as a renovated room, rather than light bulbs and lumber. Ironically, the same issue does not exist outside of China, especially in Canada where Chinese Home Depot advertisements and store signage can be found in areas with large Chinese demographics.

The Home Depot exclusively carries several major brands, including:

In 2002, The Home Depot joined PBS as a sponsor of and .

As of September 16, 2012 all seven of the box stores in China had been shut down. The Home Depot has no immediate plans to further expand its specialty stores in China. The company is taking a "wait-and-see" attitude towards the Chinese market, but does not want to completely pull out because re-entry into the market would be very costly.

In 2004, Home Depot workers at a suburban Detroit store in , rejected a bid to be represented by a , voting 115 to 42 against joining the United Food and Commercial Workers. If the union had won, the Michigan store would have been the first Home Depot to have union representation.