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Breastfeeding is one of the most intimate and loving experiences a mother and baby have together, but let's be real — it can be hard! With my first baby, I struggled to make it work, calling every mother I knew for advice and trying out more than a few techniques for soothing tender nipples and aching breasts. It did all come together, and it will for you too, but here are some ideas for dealing with difficulties along the way. And if you're still having trouble with sore nipples or proper latching, something may be wrong, so seek professional support to identify the issue.

A New Pregnancy: Tender nipples are common in pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. If you're , you may have to deal with sore nipples for a little while.

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  • Let your nipples air-dry after each feeding. This prevents clothing from sticking to and irritating the breast. Moistening the nipple helps detach stuck clothing.
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    Pain during -feeding is a sign of a problem and should not be ignored. Although sore or tender nipples are common during the first few days of breast-feeding, it should improve. Normal soreness or pain usually occurs for about a minute when the baby first latches on to the breast. Pain that is severe or continuous or that occurs again after it seemed to resolve is a sign of a problem and should be corrected. Other problems may include cracked, bleeding, or bruised nipples.

    Sore, cracked, tender nipples are par for the breastfeeding course – no matter what well-intentioned experts claim to encourage more women to breastfeed. Breastfeeding does become a painless, convenient, bonding experience fairly quickly – but not quite yet.