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There are teething toys available which can be kept in the refrigerator to give the baby cool treat for gums. These cold toys can bring a numbing effect on gums. Give your baby a piece of carrot. Baby will not be able to tear it off but it will sooth their gums. Do not give any teething item that is too cold. Frozen item can result in frost bite. Anything you give to your baby for chewing should be large enough to avoid choking hazard. Wash your hands properly and run your freshly washed finger over the sore gums. Pressure of your fingers will bring some relief. Some homeopathic medicines like ‘teething tabs’ help to provide comfort to the teething baby.

Cuddling and hugging with your baby is necessary during the teething period. It gives baby reassurance and comfort and also distracts baby’s attention from pain. Provide cold water and cold food to the baby for numbing pain. Providing enough water to drink will also replenish the loss of fluid which occurs due to excessive drooling. Handle your teething baby carefully.

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  • Try to distract a fussy, teething baby by playing.
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    The best way to prevent your teething baby from getting methemogloginemia would be to simply not use teething gels. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry says that you can simply massage your baby’s gums or give them a chilled teething ring.

    If you’ve used a lot of teething gel on your teething baby, it’s important to look for the following symptoms, which can be a sign of methemoglobinemia: