The Teen Titans logo from the animated series.

Teen Titans S:1-5 5pk


Teen Titans: Rebirth #1 is out on September 28th.

If some comic book fans have felt that in this world of blockbuster heroes marching to the big screen and TV networks everywhere, the sidekicks and successors are being left out in the cold, we’ve got some good news. It looks like a few supporting characters are next in the spotlight, with , a live-action adaptation of the decades-old “Teen Titans” DC Comics series is currently in development from Warner Bros. television for TNT.

Weeks later, turns a young girl, named Rachel Roth, over to Jay Garrick and the Teen Titans at the airport, with the team being very excited for their new teammate.

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  • Teen Titans Episode 5 – The Sum of His Parts
  • Title: Teen Titans Go! (2013– )

    Three weeks later LexCorp holds a major press confrence and Lex introduces the public to a new monument built on the former Watchtower site. In a massive turnout Lex publicly admits that if it weren't for the heroes of earth the universe would be lost. Then Superman makes a speech that is broadcast all over the world. The Teen Titans are also watching the reveal, in their new base.

    The original roster of the team was Robin (Dick Grayson), Kid Flash (Wally West), and Aqualad (Garth), the sidekicks of Justice League members , the Flash, and , who teamed up to defeat a weather-controlling villain known as Mister Twister in . They subsequently appeared under the name "Teen Titans" in , joined by 's younger sister Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) in her first appearance. 's sidekick Speedy (Roy Harper) makes some guest appearances before officially joining the team in . Aqualad takes a leave of absence from the group in the same issue but makes several later guest appearances, sometimes with girlfriend Aquagirl (Tula). Psychic Lilith Clay and Mal Duncan also join the group. Beast Boy of the Doom Patrol makes a guest appearance seeking membership but was rejected for being too young at the time and existing heroes Hawk (Hank Hall) and Dove (Donald Hall), a duo of teenaged super powered brothers, appear later on.