Hello 2016 PWYA Tee Ball Participants!

Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set, Primary Colors


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The Tee Ball field is the place where kids figure out if they will like baseball enough (or have the aptitude) to stick with it throughout grade school in hopes of becoming that letterman someday.

The goal of tee ball is to start teaching the children the basic fundamentals of baseball and softball, such as where to be on the field, how to swing the bat, how to throw and field.

A few photos of the EHH Teeball State Champs team in action.

Learn how to teach Tee Ball players a string drill.

Any coach that signs up to manage a bunch of kids in a tee ball league knows after one season that there’s much more to the game than dressing tykes up in cute little uniforms and chasing loose balls around the ball field. As any youth sports league coach will confess—not all teams are equal in raw, physical talent.

A truly great coach can make a group of kids feel like they’ve won even if their record indicates otherwise. If your record is 1 win and 14 losses, players shouldn’t know the difference at Tee Ball level. Kids place a premium on what their coaches and parents emphasize. If the adults emphasize skill, teamwork and effort—that’s what will be valued. A kid will only be humiliated by his/her showing in the win/loss column if parents choose to focus on the wrong things.