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Children with a visual impairment can benefit from toys that offer auditory and tactile stimulation whilst children with hearing impairments can benefit from visually appealing and tactile toys.

The Fidget Cube went from a modest $15,000 funding goal to topping $2 million (£1.5 million, AU$2.6 million) in pledges, and it still has 40 days to run. What's so special about this vinyl cube? It's a fidgeter's dream. The box is stuffed full of tactile toys, including a rocker switch, buttons, a joystick, gears, a rotating dial and a ball in a socket. The cube even has a smooth indentation that acts like a worry stone.

Google makes coding playful with Bloks tactile toys - CNET

Tactile Development (Touch)

Helping a Special Needs child or adult to identify and appreciate different textures can be a joyful experience when tactile toys are involved. These sensory touch toys and sensory teaching supplies were carefully selected to provide a variety of tactile sensations and opportunities for fun learning and exploration using touch.

Google makes coding playful with Bloks tactile toys

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Oogi Tactile Figure Toys are a very simple concept for a toy: stretchy, suction cup-y, and colorful. You can stick their faces to a window or make them hold hands. You can stretch them, let go, and watch them fly across the room. And the best part of playing with Oogi Tactile Figure Toys is: no matter what you do to them, they make you happy in return. Get some now and just have fun. But please, let the kids play with them once in a while.