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There are other things to determine in the style of the letter. Do you emphasize words by using bold or ? There are many such choices when composing a letter, capitalization, use of commas versus indentations, etc.

The tone and style of your cover letter will say almost as much to a potential employer as the content of the letter itself. The appropriate style can vary rather greatly based on the circumstance under which a letter will be sent out. Cover letters that are unsolicited, for example, will generally follow the style of a letter of inquiry. When a position is posted, a standard job application cover letter is generally suitable. Other styles include thank you letters that serve to follow up a conversation or interview, an acceptance letter or declination letter. Selecting among cover letter styles for the appropriate format is important to send potential employers the right message.

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  • 3. 3 Abstract: Business letters can be more persuasive if appropriate writing strategies are employed. One particularly effective strategy for use in writing business letters is the motivated sequence. This strategy allows the writer to organize and develop ideas according to the same pattern used in the reader's natural thought processes. It can, therefore, contribute significantly toward making business correspondence more persuasive by helping readers make the desired decisions and reach the desired reactions. Introduction: Business letter is an old form of official correspondence. A business letter is written by an individual to an organization or an organization to another organization. Business letters are written for various purposes. One writes a letter to enquire information, apply for a job, acknowledge someone's work, and appreciate one's job done, etc. As the motive of writing the letter is different, the style of the letter changes and you get different types of business letters. Keywords: letters; business letters. Definition: A business letter is usually a letter from one company to another, or between such organizations and their customers, clients and other external parties. The overall style of letter depends on the relationship between the parties concerned. Business letters can have many types of contents, for example to request direct information or action from another party, to order supplies from a supplier, to point out a mistake by the letter's recipient, to reply directly to a request, to apologize for a wrong, or to convey goodwill. (MILLIKAN NAWAL) Need to study: In business, letter writing is a major thrust area of communication. The modern goal of nations for a free global trade and the need to cut across national, linguistic and cultural barriers to promote trade have made the letter an important business tool. A business letter acts as a representative of the organization. It is an inexpensive substitute for a personal visit. It seeks to provide information on subjects connected with business. Scope of study: Every organization has to continuously promote and expand its business. All information on its product and service gets updated through a business letter sent to customers and clients. It is a micro-level substitute even for advertisements. Agents and retailers in turn pass on the information to clientele spread over a large area. It promotes goodwill. Objectives:  To know about types of business letters. Methodology:  The project is descriptive & exploratory but constructive in nature.  The secondary data is collected through books, journals, magazines  The primary data is collected through descriptive with acumination expect.
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    The three acceptable styles of business letters are block, modified block and semiblock. The three differ most in where the lines begin. In the block style, all lines begin at the left margin. If you choose a modified-block style, begin all of the letter's sections except the return address and closing lines -- including your signature -- at the left margin; begin the exceptions at the center of your page. The semiblock style is identical to the modified block except you should indent the first line of each paragraph of the letter's body.