Orange Stuffed Fleece Walrus via Etsy

Wild Republic 11041 Walrus Stuffed Animal, 15-Inch


Over-stuffed walrus at the Horniman Museum in south London.

This adorable stuffed walrus loves to cuddle. Its blubbery body is covered in soft, wrinkled fur and flippers that are golden brown in color. This 8-inch walrus has a distinctive set of long, sharp tusks and a moustache of prickly whiskers. Bring Arctic adventure home!

Head out on an aquatic adventure with this walrus stuffed animal. With its wrinkly body, long tusks and fluffy mustache, this stuffed walrus is so realistic, you’ll think it swam right out of the ocean and into your playroom! And at around 15 inches, this walrus Cuddlekin is the perfect size for hugging and holding.

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  • Stuffed Plush Walruses from Stuffed Ark

    A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this Pudgy Pals stuffed walrus goes towards Abhaya Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit organization providing housing, education and support to disadvantaged children throughout the world.

    MADISON -- An intoxicated man was arrested after threatening employees and stealing liquor and a stuffed pink walrus from a Copps in Madison Wednesday afternoon, police say.