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I'm looking for a group of tabletop gamers to join in adventures set in a galaxy far, far away. This is intended to be a friendly game using Fantasy Flight's incredible new Star Wars tabletop. You can be smugglers or other types of scruffy nerf-herders just trying to make a few credits (prerequisite Heart of Gold is optional), rebels fighting the good fight against tyranny and oppression, lightsaber-wielding Jedi struggling to stay on the path of The Light (or enjoying The Dark), or even all of the above! The choices are up to you! Experience in gaming is not required. The only things I ask for is an active imagination, open-mindedness, civility, a reasonably reliable schedule and above all else, a desire to have fun!

I decided to make STAR WARS SWEET TABLE with Death Star birthday cake as centerpiece surrounded by Star Wars theme cupcakes …. cookies ….. gourmet popcorn ….. cake pops ….. and of course …..jars of Halloween candy …..it was after all Halloween edition Star Wars Sweet Table.

4 Star Wars Tabletop Role-Playing Games You Should Try

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This Star Wars themed BB-8 architectural desk lamp is ideal for the tech heads. Inspired from the BB-8 Droid in , this table lamp brings intense lighting to any living space with its dome-shaped head. The officially-licensed Star Wars table lamp boasts captivating design and color scheme of BB-8 Droid. Available in two sizes, the BB-8 lamp is adjustable, and can be placed on any flat surface to illuminate its surroundings. A white arm with adjustable swivels connects the base with dome-shaped head and further allows flexible illumination. Its round base with orange, white and grey patterns keeps the geeky accessory firmly stable on your desk.

I’m sure lots of our readers have played or are currently playing a Star Wars tabletop RPG. For everyone else, I thought I’d write up a primer on the excellent Star Wars RPG options that are out there. Tabletop roleplaying games set in the Star Wars universe have a pretty long history starting back in 1987 and continuing into the present day. West End Games, Wizards of the Coast and Final Flight Games have all provided excellent rules and sourcebooks and all three of these games are still played by fans.