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How to Draw Spiderman Cartoon Drawing Lesson

If the answer is NOTto any of these questions...Erase your Spiderman drawings, and re-sketch your pencil drawings of Spidermanaccording to the correct size and angle.

Okay? Finish drawing your pencil sketch of Spiderman? Let'scontinue to the next step...

Takea HB or B grade graphite pencil. Use it to draw sketches of yourSpiderman pencil drawing. Start by sketching the whole figure ofSpiderman first.

Look at your still Spiderman picture and start fromhis head. Sketch an inverted pear-shaped oval for his head. Createhorizontal and vertical lines to position his eyes.

Continue drawing pencil sketches of his body,shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet all with oval shapes. Sketch circles for alljoints such as elbows and knees.

Then, stop looking at your pencil drawings ofSpiderman and compare itwith your subject.


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    Actually, you too can create pencil drawings of Spiderman of your own. Either a realistic Spiderman in color drawing or a blackSpiderman drawings...It's so easy once you know how to create circles and ovals and few drawings sketches in 3D perspectives.

    Color in your Spiderman drawing. Now on to the fun part of Spider-Man drawing! Even if you shaded in your drawing with # 2 pencil, you can still use markers or colored pencils to add sharpness to your drawing. Moreover, adding skyscrapers against the nightly sky in the background will give your drawing full effect, as if it is a still from the movie.