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Skylanders Giants: Single Character Pack Core Series 2 Spyro


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Parents need to know that Skylanders Spyro's Adventure is an action adventure game set in a colorful fantasy/sci-fi universe with frequent cartoony violence. The game is connected to a portal-like device where kids place real toy figures to play. The characters that appear in the game are dependent entirely upon the Skylanders toy figures that you own. Parents need to know that there is a discrepancy between the targeted age of the toy figurines (the starter pack says age "6+") and the age appropriateness of the video game packaged with those toys which is for age 10 (ESRB rating of E10+). The starter pack comes with three figures, but the game encourages and entices players to purchase additional figures. Any of the figures/characters can also be used in a connected online multiplayer game, Skylanders Universe, as well as in other version of Skylanders Spyro's Adventure (for example, your best friend's game). That web game offers a monitored environment and only limited, pre-selected chat between players.

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure takes place in a world where vast islands float among the clouds and the creatures who inhabit them travel by balloons or flying ships. The center of Skyland was the source of the world's light and goodness, but it was destroyed by Kaos, a villain who sought to bring darkness to the land. Now, the heroic Skylanders must find the pieces to rebuild the Fountain of Light and save the universe. However, they've all been turned into toys and blown to Earth. Players must find these toys and send them back to their world to fight the villains. They do this by placing a toy on a special portal that comes packaged with the game.

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    One notable feature of Skylanders is each character saves its own progress in the game, within itself. Another cool feature of Skylanders is they are compatible with all kinds of platforms, including Wii, Nintendo 3DS, the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC’s and Macs, as well as on the web, with Skylanders Spyro’s Universe. This means they can enjoy the game, with their own character, at a friend’s house no matter what game system the friend owns.

    Skylanders Spyro's Adventure is an absolute blast to play. It has all the fun, challenge, and excitement of classic adventure games like , , and even . The game looks great graphically, has a clear and simple a control scheme, and offers a load of variety that goes far beyond just the changeable characters. There's some great writing in here, too, especially when it comes to the humorously creative deathtraps that Kaos comes up with (like a waterfall full of sharks).