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Skateboarders have influenced the fashion industry through their IDGAF lifestyle and the way that they've dressed for decades. It's only natural that skaters would create their own . Let's be honest, who understands what skate kids want to wear than skaters themselves?

Since SkateKids and Ramps to Reading are correlated tostandards, you can be confident that your choice to implement these products willnot only produce a wave of gratitude from your students, it will also help them tomeet the educational goals necessary to stay on the path to a secondary educationand the quality life that it affords.

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    The SkateKids and Ramps to Reading products not only get to the very heartof learning, but do so in a way that students find immersive and tremendouslyengaging, thanks to the unique talents of the cognitive psychologists, educators,and game designers that designed them. By ensuring that learning is fun, studentscan circumvent the sometimes intimidating or tedious aspects of education, opting instead for the productivity afforded by the simple joy of play.