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The Shaggy Raggy rug is a surefire favorite for your kids, tweens, or teens. The bold light blue color and the plush feel will have your kids kicking off their shoes, just to sink their toes into this great rug. Made out of cotton jersey, it has the cozy look and comfortable feel of a well-worn T-shirt, with a shag-style twist.

Description: Shaggy Raggy Cream Rug is a sumptuous delight. Warm and enticing, it is a wonderfully fun addition for many decors. Constructed of 100 cotton, each rug is first hand-dyed then woven with strips of jersey. They are then tied by hand, ensuring a unique look and feel. Machine washable, delicate cycle. Hang to dry. ....

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    With the large variety of eye catching that we offer, you will have loads of fun pickingthe best one for your tween girls room. We have bright colors that ininclude teal shaggy raggy blue rugs for kids and entire color palletto select from. Bedroom throw rugs fall under teenage girldecorations for their rooms so it is important to choose the rightone. Sometimes it is fun to choose two smaller to place in different parts of your girl tweenbedroom then to get one large one, this way you can get two differentcolors that complement the that you have ordered.

    Is this rug supposed to coordinate with the other Shaggy Raggy lavender rugs? Because the other round one say lilac, is a very pale shade of purple and doesn't seem to have any other sizes that match the color.