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Each year Oklahoma 4-H offers the National Youth Science Experiment kits. We have collected several sets of this material. They are available for check out.

Perfect for science fair projects, volcano kits are an informative and interactive way of learning about the inner workings of the Earth while creating an exciting, and sometimes messy, reaction. As the reaction builds inside the volcano, parents will see the anticipation build on their child’s face before lava spews out of the volcano’s crater. Alternatively, weather kits will let your child play the role of a real meteorologist as he or she gains hands-on experience tracking and testing the Earth’s climate changes. In order for children to continue learning about the Earth, our Earth Science kits for kids include activities that are environmentally friendly and teach the importance of caring for the planet. Green Science kits make “reduce, reuse, recycle” the center of attention as your child learns about the greenhouse effect, alternative energy, and water purification. Your child will love playing with these products while still acquiring knowledge of general science concepts like the scientific method, experimental procedures, and proper measuring techniques in a simple and safe manner.

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    Ocean County College has been partnered with Hands-On Labs since 2007, and in that time, HOL has been there for us with respect to our extensive online growth. HOL has created customized science lab kits for our increasing number of online science courses (including Forensic Science), and has responded to all of our requests as quickly as we ask for them. Their lab kits are an excellent complement to our courses. Their expertise in the Sciences and their customer service are second to none.