Everyone should be playing Universe Sandbox ².

Step2 Play and Store Sandbox


Sandbox Half Opened w/ Tall Seat back

Oh my goodness, my kids would love having a sandbox in the backyard. I love that you added pictures for every step of the way, it makes it so easy to follow! I will have to go sand shopping to pick out the best kind for my kiddos! Thank you so much for putting this up, I’m so excited!

Just curious how you found the paint on your sandbox has held up to the elements, children, lawnmower, etc. Ever since i seen this post i have wanted to make one… we are finally ready to tackle this project, but i am worried about upkeep. Whats your thoughts? Thanx again for such a great blog!

Sandbox looking from the Kitchen Window


The Sandbox Company

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The kids taking a break from the water table to test out the sandbox

I just want to say that your ideas and tutorials are AWESOME!!! I LOVE ALL YOUR IDEAS!! After yrs of waiting…waiting…and waiting some more, (lol) we were blessed with grandchildren this past yr!! A boy and a girl!! 4 months apart and surprize… we are expecting twin grandbabies in 2 months, a boy and a girl!! 4 grandbabies in 1 yr!!! So you know this spectacular sandbox is on my to do list for Papaw!! It is again, AWESOME!! I wonder how hard a top would be to make for it????…..hmmmmm… THANK YOU for all your ideas!

Almost every kid would love to play with sand and you can create a DIY sandbox at home for your kid. This will make them excited and will keep them occupied during holidays. There are various interesting sandbox ideas than the usual square ones and this will not only attract the kids but even elders would love to play with their kids in the sandbox. Listed below are some of the interesting ideas that will fascinate you.