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ABELE (R) Design Non Slip Baby Kids Safety Shower Tub Bath Mat, Mildew Mold Resistant Bathmat, Rubber w/ Cloth Coating (Blue Pebble) 15.7" X 27.5"

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About Safety Tubs and our walk-in bath.

Are you concerned that a walk in tub won't fit into the space where your standard bathtub once stood? Don't be - with a Safety Tubs® brand walk in tub, every detail was carefully thought out during the design phase. To ensure snug, proper fits in almost any bathtub space, Safety Tubs® designed a panel system called the Extension Kit. This panel system allows you to extend the length of the walk in tub as needed.

Safety Tubs® walk-in bathtubs use a revolutionary sealing technology and are guaranteed to stay leak-proof for life. The door’s comfortable ergonomic door handle is also specially designed for increased leverage and easy operation.

Safety Tubs premier walk-in tubs for the elderly and disabled

Safety tubs | Jacuzzi tubs designed with safety for seniors.

The patent pending Minute Drain™ is unique to Safety Tubs®, draining walk-in bathtubs up to 8x faster for less waiting. Operated with the touch of a button, the Minute Drain™ ensures bathers do not have to wait while the water drains to exit the tub, increasing the overall enjoyment of the Safety Tubs® bathing experience.

Safety Tubs® was the first manufacturer to offer walk in baths made of mold and mildew resistant acrylic. Acrylic is known for its high-quality gloss finish, long-lasting durability and easy cleaning. It's convenient, beautiful, and provides a rich, high-end look for any bathroom.