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While strapping a fin to your back and pretending to be a shark may have been the way to scare your pool-going friends in the 20th century, it s time to upgrade that age-old gag. Why not try the remote controlled robotic shark from Hammacher Schlemmer? This mean monster from the murky depths is two feet long and can convincingly move like a real shark. There s a 40-foot range from the remote to the shark and the remote can even be taken underwater for even more fun. Like all good things there s a catch: the batteries only last for 15 minutes per one-hour charge. If you want, though, you can purchase an additional battery to ease the pain a little bit. This mini Jaws will set you back about $100 and comes in either blue or red, not to mention that it can operate on one of two frequencies, enabling complex wolf pack-style missions.

Made with flexible EPS foam and EPO anti-falls material, this shark can do some heavy duty flying. Get one today and you’ll start hearing things like, “LOOK! A FLYING SHARK!”

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Control System: 4 Channels FM flying time: Full power 4 minutes and half power 6 minutes.

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This is either a really really bad idea or a really really ingenious one. Check out the remote controlled shark fin assembled by this kid who has a 4-channel remote control and is “an expert and controlling this thing”. I don’t know about you, but if you’re feeling the line-up is a little crowded–this seems like the perfect solution to that issue.

This is a RC remote control shark toy we bought. I dissected it for ideas that I could use on my own robot fish.

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