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The right to free expression did not constitute adequate justification without more: “I cannot balance these two incommensurables [Articles 8 and 10] without asking why, and for what purposes, X and R seek to exercise their article 10 rights… The public interest here is, I remind myself, a contribution to a debate in the general interest”.

The theme for the night is 'The Dark Art of Account Management' and will see a panel consisting of Peter Biggs, CEO Clemenger BBDO, Tara Lordsmith, Head of Marketing, Simplot Australia, David Trewern, Chief Digital Officer, STW Group and Ben Coulson, ECD, GPY&R seek to clarify what is often perceived as the mysterious art of account management, highlighting what they see as a 'great suit' and why they believe account management is still as relevant as ever.

R: The R Project for Statistical Computing

  • The built-in facilities to find a function aren’t usually as successful as searching on Rseek. I think Rseek ought to be an official R project.
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    When I teach R to beginners, Rseek gets mentioned in lesson one. It is absolutely fundamental to R usage. So I don’t believe that finding the right function to use is a big problem in R either, except to new users who don’t know about Rseek.

    This is a SQL 2005 optimization feature called batch sort. What it does is try to order rows retrieved from the outer side of the nested loop to minimize random seek on the inner side of the join. It can reduce IO cost of random seek. If you use profiler trace and turn on SQLTransaction event, you will see many small transactions with transaction name as ‘sort_init before the query is finished with this kind of plan. More details can be found in blog: .