10" Quad Core Google Tablet by Zeki®.

RCA Voyager II Tablet 8GB Quad Core Android 5.0, Black, 7"


iRulu X1S 10.1" Android 4.4 Quad Core Tablet PC Unbox Review

Onda V101w Quad Core Tablet is 10.1 Inch Windows 9.1 OS Tablet,pre-installed with Intel Bay Trail Z3735 CPU,RAM 2GB DDR3L and 32GB Storage,10.1 Inch IPS Screen with 1280*800 resolution,Dual Camera,support external TF card up tp 128GB.

Yeah, the Onda 8 inch tablet is lack 3G connection and GPS. It’s also not support for playing 1080p HD video content. But with a slim design, powerful Intel performance and priced only around at $160, Onda V819i 8 inch quad core tablet is still a great device and hard to beat. So, what do you think? If you are looking for a Intel based tablet that shipped with 3G connection and brings better resolution display, we suggest you to check that supports a 2048 x 1536 pixels native resolution.

DigiLand 7" Quad Core Tablet Unboxing and Review

  • Dragon Touch E97 9.7'' Quad Core Android 3G Tablet PC, 1GB Ram 16GB Nand Flash, IPS HD Screen, 5.0MP Camera w/...
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  • 7" Ionik Quad Core Tablet Headed to Germany

    A quad core tablet that has a long battery life for an android tablet, meaning you can play, work, listen to music and watch videos for longer! And who wouldn’t want that?! Also being a quad core tablet, it

    Few weeks ago, the first Onda 9.7 inch tablet that comes with new Intel 64 bit technology has been officially announced. Today, we just get a good news for tech savvy and business users who on the tight budget if that Chinese based company also release the 8 inch model of their Intel 22 nm process technology tablet’s series with Onda V819i Quad Core Tablet. Yeah, like common Intel based tablet from other company, the V819i 8 inch quad core tablet is designed for users who need a portable and light device for daily works and some multimedia tasks.