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The Quahog Puppet Store is where meets in "". When Chris goes searching for a hobby, he sees the recently opened puppet store and becomes fascinated with the puppets. The owner Franz makes a puppet likeness of Chris. Chris also makes a couple of puppets imitate the characters from the movie .

Puppet Maker Carrie Murphy says, "You can't go to a store and find things to use for building a puppet. Like there is no this is the puppet building store. So you're gonna walk in and buy all the things you need to build a puppet. So I spend a lot of time at the dollar store, Wal-Mart, and Lowe's looking at random things going this would work or this would work."

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Welcome to the Silly Puppets online store! Here you will be able to view and purchase the entire collection of Silly Puppets. Whether you need puppets for ministry, school, therapy, or just for fun at home, we know you are going to love the high quality and low cost of our puppets! If you have further questions about our company or the products we offer, please contact us. We thank you for stopping by and hope you too will get to experience the magic and joy that comes with owning our puppets!

A Firefighter? A Chef? A Teacher? Or maybe even a Circus Clown? The Puppet Store has dozens of occupation puppets to choose from. Educate your children about these important occupations while having