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Sony announced PlayStation VR, (codenamed Project Morpheus during development) is set to launch in October 2016. It is fully compatible with the PS4 console, and outputs a simultaneous signal to the headset and a television. This keeps PlayStation VR compatible in multiplayer mode. All PlayStation games work with “cinematic mode” built into PlayStation VR, which simulates a five-meter viewing plane inside the headset.

Hard disk storage upgrades for PS4 are also available. Upgrade kits can provide another 1-2 TBs to the capacity of a PS4 console if you find yourself running low on disk storage.

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Upgrades are available to the standard Sony DualShock 4 controller that comes with the PS4 console. Among the most popular include the wireless variant of the DualShock, available in black or magma red. Third party manufacturers like Mad Catz, HORI, Worldnect, and Thrustmaster, make specialized coin-op arcade-style controllers, steering wheel controls for racing games, and flight sticks for aircraft simulators.

The PS4 Neo—also called PS4K—is a new variant of the PS4 console with upgraded hardware. Experts expect a new AMD processor with a faster clock speed (2.1 GHz compared to 1.6 GHz), improvements to the GPU, and faster GDDR5 memory to power the PS4 Neo. Early reports indicate that developers are not allowed to segregate content, meaning that all PS4 Neo games will work with PS4. Additionally, PlayStation Plus players on PS4 Neo and PS4 consoles will access the same content for online competition. A release date has not been disclosed at this time.