B-156A Proto Nemesis AD145D Spark FX version (lime green Proto)


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EPIC Battle Prototype Nemesis 170RD VS Team Leone HD! AWESOME-0

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The prototype Nemesis is from Ultimate Bey Ta Stadium ver.3,

the Prototype Nemesis in all its glory!

Voici une Beyblade Battle entre Prototype Nemesis 195RD et Diablo Nemesis X:D dans le BB-120 Ultimate Beyta Stadium de chez Takara Tomy! Votez, Commentez svp et.......

Rago, Pluto and (former leader of the ), three members of a group of bladers who worship Nemesis, try to get the powers of ten beys to wake Nemesis once again and take over the world. When they already have the power of nine beys, the bladers who own the powers try to create Zeus' barrier which would destroy Nemesis forever. But Doji who once lead the organization Dark Nebula convinces the tenth blader Ryuga who once worked for him to attack Nemesis alone, so the barrier isn't complete. Because of this attack, their bey Proto Nemesis gets all ten powers and becomes Diablo Nemesis. Later, the three uncover the city of King Hades, the only place where they can set Nemesis powers free. After a small battle between Ryuga , who wants Nemesis' power for himself and Rago, who owns Diablo Nemesis, they kill Ruga but are interoppted again by the other bladers. Because Ryuga gives all his powers to Kenta, the ten bladers got all power they need to create Zeus' barrier. This causes an earth quake which kills Pluto and Rago (Doji died during the battle between Rago and Ryuga). However, Nemesis got free at last because a piece of Pluto's bey caused a whole in Zeus' barrier. Ginga, the main protagonist, finally defeats Nemesis after all bladers over the world gave him their power. With all the power, Ginga shoots a whole into the god of destruction, who finally falls into darkness and dies.