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Carrie Fisher: There are NOT Enough Princess Leia Toys

Fans of the Star Wars franchise were disappointed to learn that there would be no Princess Leia toys sold at Disney Stores. A hashtag was born, and #WeWantLeia seems to have worked wonders — the company now says that .

And even though bringing Princess Leia toys to Disney Stores might not save lives, it is still important that kids get to choose the toys they want to play with. While many girls love traditional princess play, plenty of girls also love science fiction (my daughters included) — and other girls love both. Expanding a toy line to include a favorite character (or to ) is definitely a step in the right direction for the media in general. Good job, moms, dads and science fiction fans who pushed for Leia representation. My daughters will thank you.

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    Of course, not everyone is on the same page when it comes to what we feel is appropriate for children, but I have to say if you have a problem with one scantily-clad female toy, then you should probably stay out of the toy aisles and stick to shopping online for toys you feel are appropriate for your own kids — or be prepared to answer their questions with honesty. Wearing bikinis is not the exclusive domain of Princess Leia toys by any stretch of the imagination, and saying this toy is suitable only for adults is a huge stretch.

    Natalie Wreyford, a British film executive, discovered that there weren't any Princess Leia toys, action figures or costumes available at the Disney Store, not a single one on the shelf beside Han or Luke Skywalker or hidden behind the Chewbacca backpacks or talking Darth Vader dolls. So, to find out why. "My daughter really wants one," she said.