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Price Match Guide


PriceMatch, une entreprise de l'incubateur de Sciences Po

1. To benefit from PriceMatch you have to stake at least £10 on a single bet. Once you have added this value to the stake box your odds will change colour and a tick box will appear at the top.

2. If you tick the box your bet slip will look like this. Hit the plus to increase the PriceMatch odds or hit the minus to decrease your price match odds until you’re happy with your odds. If you wish your bet to be placed at whatever the final odds are hit the X to remove Price Match.

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Pricematch - Leader du Yield Management Hotelier

3. Click place bet and if the Final Odds of the pool are greater than your Price Match odds then your bet will be included in the pool. If the Final Odds are lower than the PriceMatch odds your bet will not be included and you will have your stake refunded when the pool is settled.

*Please note if the Final Odds are the same as your PriceMatch odds then you will get a certain % of your stake, this could be 100% of your bet or 1% of your bet. All this is dependent on how many other people have asked for the same odds as your PriceMatch odds. This will be notified to you on your bet history page as soon as the pool closes and the final odds are available.