Watch a video to learn how to pin a prefold diaper.

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07 - KINS Adult Contour Prefold Diaper 10100C.

Because of the simple construction and materials of a prefold diaper, they are much less expensive than fitted, all-in-one, and pocket diapers. If fitting cloth diapers into a tight budget is your priority, prefold or flat diapers are your least expensive choice.

Prefolds provide simple and adaptable moisture absorbency for any cloth diapering system. Prefolds are a rectangular diaper with extra layers down the center. As with fitted diapers, you will need to use a waterproof diaper cover over prefold diapers.

05 - KINS Flat Prefold Adult Diaper 10100.

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OsoCozy Unbleached Prefold Cloth Diapers - 6 Pack (Size 2)

100% cotton birdseye weave cloth prefold diaper in heavy, night time

A prefold diaper has multiple layers in it which results in a folding of sorts – hence the “prefold”. You fold the prefold up and can hold the diaper on with a cover, pins, or Snappi. Flats need to be washed once before use, while prefolds need to be washed a few times before use.

The Bikini Twist. Again start by laying your baby on a flat prefold diaper with the back of the diaper at waist height. Twist the diaper between the legs 180 degrees. Bring the front of the diaper snug up over baby, with the twist snugly between the legs. Now you can secure the cloth diaper, using a Snappi works great for the bikini twist as well.