Here’s to having a go at potty training on the go,

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Compact Potty For On The Go Training

Potty training on the go can feel overwhelming at first, but it’s an important part of potty training your children. These potty training tips will help you conquer public bathrooms and toilets with your toddler, walk you through when you should bring diapers and even offer advice for your first potty training road trip.

Potty training is overwhelming, even for seasoned parents, and potty training on the go will make you just about choose a life of seclusion to avoid the drama and mess, but potty training doesn’t have to tie you to the toilet. Here are some great tips on how to potty train while on the go.

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  • EMily says:

    OOO potty training on the go, good for you!! Hope it all goes well, love these wipes!

  • Potty Training on the go: Tips for potty training in public

    When you first make the transition to underwear, you may feel tempted to stay at home for the rest of your life. But at some point, you will have to conquer public bathrooms and toilets. The following tips and ideas will walk you through the various stages of potty training on the go, from your first trip out of the house to your first road trip.