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Durability: The most obvious reason is durability. Plastic swing sets simply don’t last as long. Inclement weather makes cracks, fills them with water and dirt. And they just wear out quicker.

Value: I’m a bargain hunter, like most moms. But when it comes to large purchases, I typically spend more dollars because in the long run, it saves me money. I like knowing that I can eventually re-sell a big purchase. Plastic swing sets may or may not be able to be re-sold, depending on wear and tear. Even if they are able to go back into the resale market, you will get only a fraction of what you paid, unlike a wooden swing set, which will hold its value longer.

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    Safety: Plastic swing sets break and crack faster. And it happens quickly. I’d prefer knowing that my daughter is playing on something stable and solid.

    If you’re like me, as a typical American parent during an economic downturn, you probably keep an eye close on the price tag when shopping for kids’ toys. Plastic swing sets may seem like the most affordable choice, but in the long term, they just cost you more money.