A pirate nursery with a hand painted mural.

Pirate Ship Night Light

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Pirate themed nursery - the bedding

The Farmer Pirate Nursery will open in the Spring of 2014. We’ll be offering a limited supply of vegetable seedlings and potted plants as well as garden mulch. Check out for more information about our garden mulch.

Make your pirate nursery design more interesting by mixing in some of these coordinating elements:You can easily add these items by painting or adding stickers to the nursery walls, or by incorporating them in parts of your decor such as drawer knobs or ceiling fan pulls.

Pirate themed nursery - he's here!

  • Nautical Pirate Nursery
  • Baby shower gift for a pirate theme nursery

    Baby pirate themes for the nursery are full of fun and adventure whether you're a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean or Treasure Island. We have lots of decorating ideas for a pirate nursery theme to share with you so let's get started!

    In addition to the best pirate baby bedding sets, we have some nursery pictures that will give you some tips on how to decorate your baby's room in the swashbuckling pirate nursery theme of your choice, one that can easily transition into a big kid's bedroom.

    Hop aboard, matey and let's finish this project before the baby arrives.

    The combination of a sock monkey and pirate theme is an interesting concept.

    The nursery colors are set and it's time to buy decorations. Some items were most likely included with the crib set but before you fill the room with "match-y matched" stuff, consider decorating the nursery with some (baby safe only, please) items that will make your design truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

    A vintage pirate treasure chest made of distressed wood with an iron skull latch will add to the decor and will come in handy for storage. Use the space to organize baby's clothes, toys and control the clutter.

    Use signs and banners left over from a as nursery wall decorations.

    Personalize the pirate flag banner with baby's name and use it to decorate the wall or as an enhancement for the nursery window valance.

    Does your husband has a pirate costume that he insists on wearing to every party at Halloween?

    Baby's pirate theme nursery will offer an opportunity for dad to enjoy his beloved pirate hat year round as well as solve some storage issues.