My pink Huffy Bike....Loved this bike!

Huffy Bicycle Company Number 21975 Disney Princess Bike, Purple to Pink Fade, 16-Inch


Simply fun to ride — that’s the Huffy Cranbrook

It was the best bike in the world. A hand-me-down pink and white Huffy bike that my friend’s parents bought in the States. My parents couldn’t afford a new bike for me, but this was way better than any new bike could ever be. This was a pink Huffy bike. No one else in Winnipeg had one. In fact, I never saw a bike like this before and have not seen once since – other than when I Google it for nostalgia’s sake.

Meanwhile, Paycom’s chief operating officer Stacey Pezold remembers waking on a Christmas morning when she was 4 or 5 to a pink Huffy bike with streamers.

Huffy 16 In Princess Girls Bike Pink - Kmart

Green Machine® Drastic™, Pink - Huffy