Our Pink Stork Diaper Cake includes:

Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail with Odor Lock Technology, Pink


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For that new baby girl-a Beary pink diaper cake! With 35 diapers and a pink bear, this diaper cake is embellished with satin ribbon and pearl trim! The SECRET INGREDIENTS are a pair of socks and baby lotion "baked" in the middle....

I’ve overheard parents at the store where I get cloth diapers worry and fuss about having ok colored diapers for their little boy. Mothers talking about how the fathers would be upset if their son was in a diaper with the wrong color. Hello? Folks, it’s a diaper, babies shit in diapers and I can guarantee you that a pink diaper will not make your son a homosexual…is that what is bothering you? What the hell is it? Maybe that Madonna song said it best:

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We ship each diaper cake wrapped in tulle and secured with curling ribbon, so that the presentation of your diaper cake is charming from the beginning. Our Pink Stork Diaper Cake is perfect for a shower gift or centerpiece, a welcome home gift, or a hospital gift. Best of all, the items in our Pink Stork Diaper Cake, from the diapers to the socks, can be used again!

Please note that accents may vary in color and material. Due to their handmade nature, our PinkBunny Diaper Bundle Centerpieces may also vary slightly in size.