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There are also pink baby walkers designed for older babiesand toddlers who are already able to walk. In these models the child does notsit within the walker but instead uses it as a support for standing and pushes itas they walk along. Baby walkers are made by several different toy companiesincluding Vtech, Graco, Tippitoes and First Steps.

So why buy a pink baby walker for your child? Firstly babieslove them! It gives them independence before they are able to walk forthemselves and will happily entertain your baby while you get on with otherthings. It is also great exercise for your baby, helping them to develop theirleg muscles to get them ready for walking and developing their sense ofcoordination.

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    There’s no better activity toy for your little princess thana pink baby walker. Baby walkers are usually made from plastic with wheels andhave a seat with leg holes for your baby to sit in. Most models are suitablefor babies aged from about four months upwards. Using a baby walker enablesyour baby to be mobile before he or she learns to walk and babies think theyare great fun! Most models have an activity tray with toys fitted around thetop to entertain your baby even when she’s not moving.

    If you’re looking for a pink car baby walker, this design ismade by a couple of different companies and is great fun! The My Child car is ababy rocker walker with activity tray in pink. Your baby can play in the walkerwhen they’re feeling active and then it converts to a soothing rocker at thetouch of a button. The activity tray plays tunes and is easily detached. Thecar walker by Petite Star is suitable from six months and has three differentmodes – bouncer mode with sounds, lights and music for up to 15 months,exerciser mode for babies who can sit unaided and walker mode for babies from 9months.