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Pet Vet has four throughout Houston, Texas.

In January 2008, a true Franklin native and former Pet Vet technician, Dr. Sarah Alexander, returned to Pet Vet after a 7-year hiatus during which time she earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. She has proven to be a fantastic addition to Pet Vet.

In late 2009, Pet Vet expanded to include an additional 1,400 square feet located right next door. After renovating the additional space, it seemed 3,560 square feet would be enough room for our growth, but as it happened, there were other hills to climb.

Pet Vet Market is Albuquerque’s first ever all natural pet food store

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    The was a renovation of the old Grassland Hardware Store, located in the Grassland Shopping Center. The memorable move actually took place during the torrential downpour in August of 2005 as the remnants of Katrina made her way through the Nashville area. Friends and family members were soaked to the bone but knew it would be a great memory. This 2,160 square foot location captured the Pet Vet concept in look and feel.

    In late 2010, the current location of Pet Vet became available, and after major renovations using all learned, useful and efficient concepts, Pet Vet dropped its bags in its on June 20, 2011. The 6,300 square foot facility has an open, warm, welcoming, cheerful floor plan plan that has the pets' comfort as its primary concern. A very close second concern is human ergonomics, efficiency and workability. The ability to view the front door from almost anywhere in the clinic was embedded in the overall design. The signature colors, decor and personality have survived and grown with each move. The entire staff feels confident that you will feel as comfortable in Pet Vet, as they are proud of it. Please come tour our clinic and meet our staff. We'd love to have you join our Pet Vet family.