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Peppa Pig Playground Fun Playset with Peppa Pig & Suzy Sheep


Simba Peppa Pig Playground Building Sets.

For this great price, the Peppa Pig Playground Pal - Slide comes widely recommended and is a popular choice amongst lots of people. Character Options have included some excellent touches and this means good value for money.

With so many on offer these days, it is good to have a brand you can trust. The Peppa Pig Playground Pal - Slide is certainly that and will be a excellent acquisition.

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Peppa Pig Playground Pals - Duck Pond

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Includes George Pig and Rebecca Rabbit articulated figures that clip on to the set. Push them down the slide for playground fun! The Peppa Pig Slide Playground Set features 12 pieces and is compatible with other Peppa Pig Construction playsets.

There are 5 Peppa pig playground pal sets to collect..
1. Peppa swing set.
2. Peppa slide set.
3. Peppa boat pond set.
4. Peppa see saw set.
5. Peppa rounabout set.
They come with a Peppa pig figure and also one of Peppa pig's friends and their mummy.
They are priced at anywhere between £8 and £13 each.
I paid 2 for £15 for mine from Argos as they were on offer, and I got the swing set and the see saw. The idea is that they clip together and if you collect all 5 then you have a whole park set!
I was pleased that I got a good deal to begin and my daughter was over the moon as I would think any Peppa pig fan would be. But I was disappointed to find that they did not seem to last very long!
On both of the sets there is a tree, and the tree is made up of two different peices and I found that these were to break very easily (on both!) and very quickly.
My daughter still continued to play with the sets and she seemed to love role playing Peppa pig and her friends and making them have fun on the little sets but then the swings broke off the one set and the see saw off the other after just a few months and I was forced to throw them away!
The only good thing is that she still has all the little figures to play with and luckily I had also bought her the Peppa pig house so she can still play with them in that.
A nice idea for figurine play but I would say definatly not strong enough for the use that they get.