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By using an upgraded version of the Rubber Flat, the Galaxy Pegasus Beyblade has a faster and more aggressive movement than previous designs. Additionally, it uses a Wing 105 Spin Track to push air upward and give the Beyblade more stamina during a battle. It weighs slightly more than the average Beyblade, making it a good defender as well.

. In Metal Fusion: Battle Fortress for the Wii, you play as spikey haired Gingka, who gets warped into a giant floating Battle Fortress and robbed of his powerful Pegasus BeyBlade. You must fight your way through the fortress, collect all the BeyBlade parts to rebuild the Pegasus, and defeat the enemies responsible for this whole mess.

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  • Samurai Pegasus is the 6th Bey of the Pegasus Beyblades.
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    Pegasis is the Zero-G Chrome Wheel successor to the 4D Fusion Wheel, Wing and likewise, bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor. A six-shaped design is put into the bulk of this Chrome Wheel, and returns the motif of Pegasus. Each of these six protrusions are put into two groups. The first group brings three winged formations that are deliberately designed in the manner of the Pegasus' wings, this three-winged design is a trademark that has constantly been retained ever since the very first Pegasus Beyblade release: . The second group however, are merely smaller "chunks" of the Pegasus wings and due to their placement in-between each wing, causes it to slightly curve inward but also manages a blunt appearance for it being there.

    Interestingly enough is that, Pegasis is also complimented with details of two Pegasus' circling one-another; a format that pays as a homage to the Pegasus Energy Rings of past, Pegasis Beyblades using the HWS and 4D Systems. Each Pegasus is superimposed over the wings and are extremely-well designed with the appearances and impressions of the white horse's flatted-face with a long snout that leads back to its flat ears and eventually into the remaining areas of its glorious wings.