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Shopping Deals Peg Perego Uno Stroller, I'm a grandma babysitting my three month old grandchild. My daughter has a Phil and Ted jog buggy, which is basically useless until the child is six months old at least. She also has the traveling system with the carseat which my granddaughter hates, she cries so hard and is terribly uncomfortable. We were basically house bound like invalids, so I bought this stroller. The minute we put her in it she loved it! Laughed and giggled as I walked her a half mile. It felt wonderful to take her outside, get some fresh air and have her love it!The ride was smooth, she has plenty of wiggle room which she does a lot of. I loved the spring loaded tote under the stroller. The construction feels like quality stuff and looks really nice. I was worried about spending this kind of money on a stroller, but now that I have it, I can see that this was money well spent. This stroller will grow with her, and it is not as cumbersome as the jog stroller. This will be our walking and shopping stroller for sure. Love it!

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    Reviews Peg Perego Uno Stroller, First, we had to purchase a new stroller for our second baby because our first one broke (ICOO). I do not recommend the ICOO stroller. Beautiful stroller but needs to improve! The Perego Uno Stroller is great. I love that it offers the bassinet style carriage and the set up position all in one. I really don't have to much negative commits other then the following:The fold up process is a bit odd. But once it is folded up it is WONDERFUL! If you decide to change the position of the stroller (have the baby looking at you) the movement of the stroller is different. I do end up kicking the wheels more often. So I just keep my baby not facing me.I would 100% recommend this stroller to family and friends. Worth every penny

    Peg Perego Uno Front wheels swivel (17.5 cm) Back wheels with centralized brake cable (26.2) cm.
    Large practical basket on the Peg Perego Uno Stroller that snaps into place
    Backrest reclines to several positions and let grest adjusts to 2 positions
    Child tray with drink holder attaches to the front bar
    Reversible and height adjustable handlebar equipped with hand brake and cup holder.