One large hexagon for pattern block set.

Learning Resources Wooden Pattern Blocks (Set of 250)


Six large triangles for pattern block set.

A number of compatible shapes that extend pattern blocks are commercially available. Two sets of "Fractional Pattern Blocks" exist: both with two blocks. The first has a pink double hexagon and a black chevron equivalent to four triangles. The second has a brown half-trapezoid and a pink half-triangle. Another set, Deci-Blocks, is made up of six shapes, equivalent to four, five, seven, eight, nine and ten triangles respectively.

How to use: On the following pages, each image links to PDF formatted vector illustration of the given design, formatted for standard US 8-1/2x11" paper. They are designed for standard sized (1" sides) pattern blocks such as the ones from or most (or make your own using my ). Make sure to print at "100%" or "actual size" and and set the paper orientation appropriately. To make your mats more durable, you may wish to print on cardstock and laminate, or use spray-mount glue to adhere the pages to cardboard. Lamination also helps prevent smearing these are printed on an ink jet printer.

Six large triangles for pattern block set.

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  • Nine large triangles for pattern block set.

    Pattern blocks are a wonderful manipulative that teach children about shapes and geometry, as well as develop their visual discrimination skills. What shapes fit together making a pattern using only one type of block? What shapes fit together making a pattern using two blocks that are different? are then repeated and connected to produce a larger pattern. Create your own patch using the shapes in The Cost of a Great Looking Floor; Virtual Pattern Blocks

    Buy Pattern blocks shapes from top rated stores. Products like the Melissa & Doug Beginning Pattern Blocks, Learning Resources Pattern Block Activity Pack, and more. 6) Give students a small shape of an object and have the students try to use the pattern blocks to create the shape. Shape Worksheet 7) Give students a word Pattern blocks fit together to make beautiful patterns, and they help children learn math in many ways including concepts such as geometry, fractions, patterning and