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We’ve got you covered at the lake, too. Check out this pedal car that you can take out on the water. Though even if you really got going, you probably still couldn’t tow a water-skier. [Evan, we said PEDAL car, not PADDLE car! -Ed.]

E60 M5, let me just say, that this is probably one of the fastest, heaviest cars that i've ever driven (until i drove the v10 s6). the shifting on this was smooth all through. from stop and go, to 0-100. it was one of the best paddle shift cars that i've ever driven.

A semi-automatic transmission ..

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Paddle — Spend time building, not billing.

The Ferraris are paddle-only and just have that stupid little in the center console. Maybe one day Ill experience a high end paddle shift car. Most of the manual cars ive driven feel like a broom handle in a 5 gallon bucket. My F350 mason dump Ive got to drop kick it into first gear. Again I have no say in such a debate betwen the two. From what I hear all ford trucks are automatic. Youve got to request a manual transmission.