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Home Recipes for Organic Baby Skin Care: These things have been in use in and a few neighbouring countries for centuries. Things such as paste of , , sandal, and oil, and milk cream, juice of , and other oils and herbal extracts give excellent skin care and beauty treatment and are still very important in these countries. However, one thing has changed! Previously, these things were all organic and had no traces of toxic chemicals in them, but now, you can hardly call them organic. Therefore, if you are using these things, please make sure that they have been raised organically and no artificial chemical fertilizers or pesticides have been used in them. If you cannot make them yourself (Nobody has time these days!), you can get them ready-made. Those with an “Organic” tag on them will cost a few bucks more. You can also use boiled and smashed organic , , , whites, and made of for making organic baby skin care packs or recipes at home, because these things are readily available.

Organic Water: Okay! It may sound like I am joking and there actually isn’t anything called organic water. I should rather say “Pure Water”. Natural fresh water without any traces of toxic chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, bleach, or chlorine is ideal for use on your baby’s skin. Water is one of the most commonly used substances on a baby (frequently used for bathing, cleaning, washing, drinking etc.) and so it forms a rather important part of your Organic Baby Skin Care. I know it is very difficult to find this kind of water these days, since most people are dependent on chlorinated or bleached tap water which is already polluted from the indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The use of packaged Mineral Water is out of question, which leaves boiled water. Boiled and filtered water is ideal for babies. Since the carbonates, oxides, sulphates, chlorides and other chemicals are found least in boiled water (they evaporate during boiling), it can safely be used on a baby’s delicate skin.

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A healthy family is a happy family. Babies"R"Us has a large selection of organic products that will keep your family smiling, including Organic Baby Formula & Food, Organic Diapers and Organic Shampoo. For Baby you will find products made from natural materials such as Organic Mattresses, Organic Bedding and an amazing selection of Natural Baby Products.

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They should be considered only when you have no other choice left. The ready-made Organic Baby Skin Care products include organic lotions, organic skin creams, organic sunscreen creams, organic massaging oils, organic soaps, and organic shampoos. Here, you should act logically. There are some products which, despite having an organic tag on it, cannot be organic. Soaps and shampoos are some of them. If they have bubbles or suds in them, then they must contain some sort of alkaline compounds of and/or and detergents. They are simply mild in the case of baby products. If you study them carefully, you will seldom find a certificate of “Organic” from a recognized certifier on these soaps and shampoos, which only leaves the other products. Unlike regular cosmetics, Organic Baby Skin Care cosmetics contain organic natural ingredients such as organic beeswax, organic shea , organic , organic , organic essential oils, organic herbal extracts (as discussed above), organic milk cream, and organic . You may trust these products if they are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from a recognized certifying agency.

The Ray of Hope: Where there is darkness, there is always light. So, as consciousness is growing among the masses regarding traditional baby skin care products, Organic Baby Skin Care is making its way to the forefront. However, before we proceed any further, we must understand that Organic Baby Skin Care (or simply skin care) is not just about using Organic Baby Skin Care products. Rather, it is about taking care of the skin the organic way and following an organic way of life. Skin creams, lotions, or other cosmetics, whether they are organic or not, do not form an essential part of that. You can take organic care of your baby’s skin even without them. Here are some substances that can help you out.